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The Blog www.energymaterials.hzbblog.de is a place, where we mention nice papers of HZB scientists, too specialized for the mass media, but really interesting for colleagues and experts. We also might link to relevant articles in science journals and we would be glad if you want to contribute to this blog.

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  • 23. 03 2018

    Solar cities: feasible but not yet realised

    At the Interdisciplinary conference on ?INNOVATION IN SOLAR BUILDING SKINS & ENERGY EFFICIENCY TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE CITIES?, 19th to 20th march in Berlin, experts from the building sector, politics, finance and photovoltaics discussed why Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is not already more widely applied in buildings (see also HZB-webinfo ) and what innovations are still needed. Statements from participants of the conference:   Lighthouse projects show what is possible Impressive projects by architects and engineering offices demonstrate what can be done already: Elegant modern buildings with solar facades and solar active materials for windows, pavements or other surfaces d [...].
  • 22. 02 2018

    ?Bethe strings? experimentally observed for the first time

    Even if quantum physics is well established since roughly ninety years, there are still some quantum effects in matter which have been theoretically predicted but up to now not yet seen experimentally. It was the physicist Hans Bethe, who first described theoretically in 1931 what happens in a one dimensional quantum spin system: under certain conditions, magnetic  excitations may interact and give rise to a collective excitation, known as ?Bethe strings?.  But in real matter, strictly one dimensional systems are rare, so Bethe strings have not been a common phenomenon. Now those Bethe strings have been discovered for the first time experimentally by the AugsburgRead More →De [...].
  • 01. 02 2018

    The “Witches Cauldron in Materials Science”

    An unusual science conference (not only) for young female scientists: April 29-30, 2018 Near the city of Goslar in the beautiful Harz mountains, an unusual science meeting is organised. The location is the Mönchehaus Museum (www.moenchehaus.de). I was attending this conference some years ago and I can really recommend it. The speakers are exclusively very renowned women in materials science, heading institutes at MIT, MPG or other prestigious research institutions. And multiple occasions are given to get into exchange with them. Discussions were open and vivid, and I guess many young women got motivated to strive for a scientific career. The organiser, Prof Katarina Al-Shamery, CarlRead [...].