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Talks of guests and project partners:

  • Collin Broholm (Johns Hopkins University) Fractionalized quasi-particles in frustrated magnets
  • Piet Brouwer (FUB) Reentrant topological phase transitions in a disordered spinless superconducting wire
  • Claudio Castelnovo (Cambridge) Challenges in the collective behaviour of spin ice materials
  • Phillip Gegenwart (U Göttingen) Honeycomb-lattice iridates
  • Santiago Grigera (La Plata) Charge ordering in a pure spin model: spin ice
  • Gabor Halász (U Oxford) Mobile defects in the Kitaev honeycomb model
  • Andreas Honecker (U Göttingen) Thermodynamics and dynamics of highly frustrated magnets
  • Bella Lake (HZB, TU Berlin) Asymmetric thermal linehape broadening in a dimerised antiferromagnet - evidence for strong correlations at finite temperature
  • Dganit Meidan (FUB) A topological classification of spin pumps
  • Roderich Moessner (MPI PKS Dresden) Multicomponent Skyrmion lattices and their excitations
  • Markus Morgenstern (RTWH Aachen) Surface Science probes spin-orbit induced topology
  • Steve Nagler (Oak Ridge National Lab.) Topological Oscillators: Good Vibrations
  • Christian Pfleiderer (TU München) Unwinding of a skyrmion lattice by magnetic monopoles
  • Frank Pollmann (MPI PKS Dresden) Stability of Quantum Spin Ice
  • Oliver Rader (HZB) Band gap opening and lifetime broadening of topological surface states with and without magnetic moments
  • Kai Phillip Schmidt (TU Dortmund) Robustness and spectroscopy of topologically-ordered system
  • Simon Trebst (U Köln) Gapped and gapless spin liquid phases on the Kagome lattice from chiral three-spin interactions
  • Götz Uhrig (U Dortmund) Spectral properties of quantum antiferromagnets
  • Matthias Vojta (TU Dresden) Kondo physics in spin liquids
  • Joachim Wosnitza (HZDR) High-magnetic-field properties of frustrated magnets
  • Alan Tennant (HZB, TU Berlin) Transport and lifetimes for magnons and monopoles

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