International Workshop on Neutron Laue Diffraction

Berlin, 11 December 2012, Colloquium Room (H132), Lise-Meitner Campus, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Wannsee

Invited Speakers

  • A. Edwards and R. Piltz (ANSTO Sydney, Australia) via videoconference
  • M.H. Lemée-Cailleau (ILL Grenoble, France)
  • B. Ouladdiaf (ILL Grenoble, France)
  • J. Helliwell (University of Manchester, UK)
  • T. Grüne (Universität Göttingen, Germany)
  • S. Capelli (ILL Grenoble, France)
  • J. Loveday (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • M. Gutmann (ISIS, UK)

The purpose of this workshop in Berlin is to present a summary of neutron Laue instruments around the world, to explore methods of data analysis for large amounts of data and to begin an investigation of user requirements for extreme sample environments. 

The workshop will go on to cover current use of the Laue technique especially in hot science topics.


08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome
09:15 "Neutron Laue Diffraction" Gail N. Iles (HZB)
10:00 "Laue Neutron Diffraction - At the Cutting Edge of Chemical Crystallography" Alison J. Edwards and Ross O. Piltz (ANSTO via Video-conference)

10:30  Coffee

10:45 “VIVALDI, Drawbacks and Successes" Marie-Hélène Lemee-Cailleau (ILL)

12:15  Lunch

14:30 "Refinement of Macromolecular Neutron Data with shelxl" Tim Grüne (Universität Göttingen)

15:00  Coffee

15:30 "High Pressure Neutron Diffraction" John Loveday (University of Edinburgh)
16:00 "Influence of Film Density on Adhesions of HD-DLC Films" Shigeki Takago (Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa, Japan)
16:30  Discussion

17:00  Tour of Facilities (Limited places available)

19:00  Dinner