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Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
Hauptstraße 5
D-53604 Bad Honnef

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Conference Description

Renewable sources of energy will play an increasingly important role in the first half of this century and become the dominant energy source in the decades beyond. Increasing population, expanding new economies, reducing carbon emissions and providing affordable energy combine to make the development of renewable energy sources a daunting task. Germany has recently decided to accelerate the transformation of its energy supply into renewable sources within the next few decades. As a result, disruptive technologies are needed. New, innovative thin-film photovoltaic and photocatalytic materials are central to realizing these transformational technologies. An in-depth understanding of these materials, the interfaces between them and catalytic reactions on their surfaces will provide the foundation on which to develop new materials and devices that achieve the desired performance for future renewable energy technology.

This conference will bring together leading scientists and young researchers involved in the preparation, investigation and characterization with synchrotron-based X-ray spectroscopy of novel solar energy conversion materials. The focus of the conference is on catalysts that enable water splitting and photovoltaic materials and devices. Specific, topical sessions include:

•    Novel PV materials
•    In-situ/in-system X-ray analytics for PV
•    Theory - Defects, band structure and reactivity at surfaces
•    Photocatalysis with novel compounds
•    Fundamental investigations for real applications in (electro)catalysis
•    New methods in X-ray spectroscopy

The seminar is generously funded by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation.


Confirmed Invited Speakers