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Seminar schedule of the Institute for Silicon Photovoltaics: The winter series 2017/18

Seminars take place on Thursdays at 10:15

in the EE-IS lecture hall

(Wilhelm-Conrad-Röntgen Campus, Kekuléstr. 5, 1. Floor, room 227),

coffee and cookies are available 15 minutes before the seminar.

Please note that are exceptions from this rule, which are highlighted in the seminar plan.

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Qin Tan (EE-IS)

Vacuum-assisted preparation of hybrid organic-inorganic metal halide perovskites

on 31. May 201810:00 a.m.
in the Silicon PV Seminar room

(WCRC Adlershof, 12.8, Kekulestr. 5).


Vacuum-assisted evaporation of solvents is a promising intermediate step for the controlled deposition of hybrid organic inorganic metal halide perovskite layers from salt solutions. The DMF:DMSO ratio, the components in the salt solutions, the temperature of the substrate during vacuum treatment (Ts) and the time of vacuum treatment (tv) were varied. The band gap and the tail states were characterized by modulated surface photovoltage spectroscopy and correlated with the current-voltage characteristics of solar cells. The band gap increased with decreasing DMF:DMSO ratio and, surprisingly, both Isc and Voc increased with increasing band gap. For CH3NH3PbI3, the optimum DMF:DMSO ratio, Ts and tv were 9:1, 30 °C and 10 s, respectively, and resulted in an efficiency above 17%. The dependence of the band gap of (CH3NH3)x(CH(NH2)2)1-xPbI3 on x was obtained. For mixed ion systems, a modified vacuum treatment including a purge with a pure gas is needed in order to reach high efficiencies.

EMIL Seminar of the Institute for Nanospectroscopy Summer semester 2017

Location: EE-IS lecture hall (room 227), Kekuléstr. 5, WCRC Berlin-Adlershof,
Time: Monday 14:00