October 2017

Prof. Federico M. Pont (National University of Cordoba, Argentina) is visiting.


September 2017

Freigeist Workshop 25-27 Sep.

"Dynamics of Energy Transfer on the Nanoscale"



August 2017

Two Summerstudents joined our group for two months.

Sara Bogojević (University of Belgrade) works on nitrogen-doped graphene oxide quantum dots.

Royle Perez-Castillo (University of Havana) works on elecron dynamics in metallic nanoparticles



June 2017

The Workshop "Dynamics of Energy Transfer on the Nanoscale" is open for registration until June 30.



May 2017

Aim high with theory


April 2017

We have a postdoc! Welcome Dr. Matthias Berg. Moreover Simon Petry joins in for an internship.


February 2017

Prof. Aliezer Martínez-Mesa (University of Havana) is visiting.


January 2017

With the new year our team is expanding: Martin Lützner who graduated from Potsdam University became a new PhD student. Essam Radwan from Egypt joins in for a few weeks internship.


December 2016

PhD candidate Axel Molle gained a Q-Team for interdisciplinary teaching in his PhD project at Humboldt University.


September 2016

Fabian Weber and Annika Bande gave talks at dynamics conferences in Greifswald and Rostok and have a poster at STC in Bochum. Welcome back Simon Petry, former Bachelor student and current HiWi.


August 2016

We welcome the PhD student Axel Molle who will investigate ultrafast, long-range energy transfer processes in atomic and molecular clusters with theoretical methods, and our summer student Essam Radwan from Zewail city, Egypt.


July 2016

Visit from Cuba: the guest professors Aliezer Martínez-Mesa and Llinersy Uranga-Piña from the University of Havana join the theory group for two month to initiate a cooperation on the interplay of metal nanoparticles and quantum dots. The visit of Annika Bande in Cuba will follow next spring.


July 2016

Freigeist squared: Annika Bande successfully aquired an extension to her Freigeist fellowship for a PhD student to connect to the Freigeist project of Tristan Petit. Together with the PhD candidate Fabian Weber they will look at electron transfer processes between graphene oxide quantum dots and their environment.


April 2016

TC Group picture April 2016

Group picture at the HZB Wannsee site


October 2015

Fabian Weber started his theoretical PhD thesis on energy and electron transfer processes in neutral quantum dots. Welcome and good luck!


June 2015

Theory group, June 2015

June 2015

We welcome the first group members and especially the PhD candidate Anika Haller in the new junior research group on theoretical chemistry and we are looking forward to our joined projects.


May 2015

Annika Bande has been selected as participant from HZB for the Helmholtz Mentoring Program ""Taking The Lead"