Quantum Phenomena in Novel Materials

This institute investigates magnetism with special emphasis on quantum magnetism and strongly correlated electron systems. Recent work has focused on orbital order and fluctuations in transition metal oxides, exotic quantum states in spin chains and spin ladders, and the effect of quantum fluctuations in highly frustrated magnets realizing triangular and pyrochlore lattices. We place particular emphasis on performing all aspect of the research starting from powder synthesis and crystal growth, through to bulk properties measurements and characterization, then to the determination of crystal and magnetic structures and finally the investigation of magnetic excitations using primarily the technique of inelastic neutron scattering. The institute hosts the CoreLab Quantum Materials for crystal growth and sample characterisation at HZB, and operates the E2, E4, and E5 diffractometers at the BERII reactor, as well as two endstations at the UE46_PGM-1 beamline at the BESSY II synchrotron radiation source. Besides this we are involved in teaching at Berlin Technical University and ran the annual Berlin School on Neutron Scattering.


Overview Themes

  • Quantum magnetism and frustrated magnets
  • High-Temperature Superconductivity
  • Strongly correlated electron systems
  • Magnetic nanomaterials


Overview Publications

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CoreLab Quantum Materials

CoreLab Quantum Materials

  • Sample preparation lab
  • Bulk properties lab
  • Crystal lab