Research at large-scale facilities

From matter to materials and life (MML)

The Helmholtz Association operates unique large-scale facilities for material research. These facilities are the foundation for research that is being done as part of the MML programme. They are available to academic users from universities and industry, although the Helmholtz centres themselves are also using them for their own in-house research. This is why the programme includes a topic for In-house research, falling under LK I, as well as four other topics that together make up LK II, focussing on the operation and continued development of large-scale facilities. HZB participates in two LK II topics: “Neutrons for research on condensed matter” and “Research on matter with brilliant light sources” as well as contributing to “In-house research on structure,  dynamics, and function of matter at large-scale facilities” (LK I). The latter topic is further subdivided into four separate research themes that are also subject to competitive evaluation as part of the POF process.

Helmholtz-Programme: from matter to materials and life (MML):