Research on matter with brilliant light sources


BESSY II produces brilliant synchrotron light and is optimized for spectral ranges vacuum UV to soft X-rays. The instruments permit experiments at high-resolutions: spatially to 10 nanometers, temporally to 100 femtoseconds, and in the spectral range down to milli electron volts. All instruments and the accelerator systems are continually upgraded. Energy research has become an important focus.


Currently are 39 instruments in operation, including FEMTOSPEX, 1²/1³ ARPES, X-ray microscopy, RICXS, MX and EDDi beamline, S-PEEM, ARTOF in pseudo single bunch, THz-EPR.

User operations

Each year, approx. 5,200 hours of user operations, 2,500 measuring guests, and 400 publications. Helmholtz programmes using BESSY II: MML, EMR, FIT, as well as for various cross-programme activities.


By 2015, the Energy Materials In-situ Laboratory (EMIL) at BESSY II will start operation; with BESSY-VSR, a concept for a "variable pulse length storage ring" will be developed (in operation by 2020, planned), and bERLinPro a feasibility study for "Energy Recovery Linac" will give an outlook for a successor light soutce for BESSY II (2028+).

Contributions of HZB organisational units:

Operation BESSY II