FP3 Series expansions for quantum magnets

This project is a follow-up project related to P5 that started in 2015. This work will deal with “Series expansions for quantum magnets with long-range interactions”. Here, we study the interplay of long-range interactions and quantum fluctuations which are naturally present in a variety of physical systems. Important examples are dipolar interactions in spin ice or long-range forces between cold atoms in optical lattices.

Ph.D. student in charge: Sebastian Fey



M. Powalski, G.S. Uhrig, K.P. Schmidt, Roton minimum as fingerprint of magnon-Higgs scattering in ordered quantum antiferromagnets, Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 207202, open access version: arXiv:1504.07371

K. Coester, S. Clever, F. Herbst, S. Capponi, K. P. Schmidt A generalized perspective on non-perturbative linked cluster expansions, Europhys. Lett. 110, 20006 (2015), open access version: arXiv:1409.5007

D. G. Joshi, K. Coester, K. P. Schmidt, and M. Vojta, Non-linear bond-operator theory and 1/d expansion for coupled-dimer magnets, I. Paramagnetic phase, Phys. Rev. B 91, 094404 (2015), open access version: arXiv:1407.7870


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