P2 Charge and spin transport in topological insulators

The goal of this project is to understand effects not included in the initial idealized descriptions of topological insulators, with the aim to control these perturbing effects, as well as to utilize them for novel structures. Effects to be considered are disorder in the bulk and on the surface, as well as electron-electron interactions. One relevant question is how the presence of bulk disorder affects the universal signatures of quantum transport in topological insulators. Surface disorder can be very relevant in experiments that involve “nanowires” or “flakes” of Bi2Se3 or related topological insulators, because these materials are layered, and only the 111 surface is known to be clean. A theoretical understanding of the effects of surface disorder may also be of interest to nontransport experiments on nanostructured topological insulators, compare project P3.

Contributers: Dr. Bjoern Sbierski, Thomas Kiendl

International Partner: Gil Refael, California Institute for Technology (Caltec)



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