P3 Controlling topological Insulators

The aim of this project is to control topological insulator materials by nonmagnetic and magnetic doping and by interfacing them with ferromagnetic and superconducting films as well as electrically. Of particular interest are the roles of disorder and finite size, mass creation and quantum anomalous Hall effect due to the simultaneous presence of spin-orbit and exchange interactions and the creation of Majorana fermions at the interface with superconductors. Our unique setup at HZB for angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) combined with spin resolution is the ideal instrumentation to achieve this aim.

National Partners: Saskia Fischer (HU Berlin), Markus Morgenstern (RWTH Aachen)

PhD students in charge: Partha Sarathi Mandal, Peter Hlawenka

Additional support: Andrei Varykhalov



V.V. Volobuev, P.S. Mandal, M. Galicka, O. Caha, J. Sánchez-Barriga, D. Di Sante, A. Varykhalov, A. Khiar, S. Picozzi, G. Bauer, P. Kacman, R. Buczko, O. Rader and G. Springholz, Giant Rashba Splitting in Pb1–xSnxTe (111) Topological Crystalline Insulator Films Controlled by Bi Doping in the Bulk, Adv. Mater. 29, 1604185 (2017)


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