The beamline provides a monochromatic beam of hard x-rays in the 3.5 - 30 keV range. The x-ray source is a 7 Tesla multipole superconducting wiggler with a critical energy of 13.4 keV at current operating conditions. The beamline optics consist of a Si(111) double crystal monochromator and a pair of retractable collimating/focussing mirrors.

The available beamtime is shared between two experiments: an x-ray diffraction experiment specially equipped for magnetic scattering (MAGS) measurements, as well as general purpose diffraction, and a small angle x-ray scattering experiment (SAXS).

Additional information:

Beamline data
Segment 4
Location (Pillar) 5.2
Source 7T-MPW
Monochromator Si(111) DCM
Energy range 3.5 - 30 keV
Energy resolution < 2 eV
Flux 1013 - 1011 1/s (maximum flux at 10 keV)
Polarisation horizontal
Divergence horizontal 5.1 mrad
Divergence vertical 0.56 mrad
Focus size (hor. x vert.) 1.2 x 0.4 mm
Distance Focus/last valve flexible mm
Height Focus/floor level 1373 mm
Free photon beam available only under special conditions
(please contact the beamline scientist before application)
Fixed end station no
Beam available
Phone 43163