ARPES One-Cube

1^3-ARPES ultra high resolution photoemission station

This experiment is built in a collaborative effort by the IFW Dresden, TU Dresden and the HZB, to enable experiments that require the highest energy resolution at ultimately low sample temperatures. To achieve this goal, all contributions to experimental broadening ---the resolution of both the excitation source and the electron energy analyzer as well as the sample temperature--- have been reduced to ≤1 meV or their equivalent, yielding the name of the station: 1 meV x 1 meV x 1 K = 13.

Inside One-Cubed ARPES

Inside One-Cubed ARPES

List of publications
Station data
Temperature range 1 - 50 K
Pressure Range
Detector Scienta R4000 Electron Spectrometer
Manipulators 3He Cryomanipulator with 3 translational and one rotational degree of freedom
Sample holder compatibility


Sample characterization 4-grid LEED optics


Angular-resolved PES, UPS, XPS