Transmission NEXAFS

nm liquid film Absorption

End station for time-resolved and steady-state soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS/NEXAFS/XANES/EXAFS) in transmission on liquid samples. The liquid is held between two SiN membranes in He (several 10 mbar) and forms a thin film. The film thickness can be varied between 50 nm and several µm. For details see: S. Schreck, G. Gavrila, C. Weniger, Ph. Wernet, "A sample holder for soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy of liquids in transmission mode", Rev. Sci. Instrum. 82, 103101 (2011).

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Station data
Temperature range room temperature
Pressure Range
Detector GaAsP diode or APD
Manipulators -
Sample holder compatibility

UE112_PGM-1, UE56-2_PGM-2, UE56-2_PGM-1, UE56-1_ZPM, UE56-1_PGM, UE52_SGM, U125-2_NIM, U49-2_PGM-1, PM3

Samples Thin liquid films


NEXAFS, XMCD, Time-resolved studies, EXAFS