Novelties from the HZB User Coordination Team - Our service to the users

The HZB User Coordination Team offers several services to make your stay at our research facilities BER II and BESSY II more pleasant.

New members in the HZB User Coordination Team
We are pleased to welcome two new staff members in the HZB User Coordination Team. Dr. Beatrix-Kamelia Seidlhofer and Dr. Bettina Wolter. Both have many years of experience in user support. Beatrix Seidlhofer is a chemist and worked as an instrument scientist at BER II. Bettina Wolter has built up an experimental station at BESSY II and carried out a lot of beamtimes.

User Library at BESSY II
Some of you may have noticed our new User Library in the user cafeteria. If you have a long night shift or feel lonesome in your guesthouse you can borrow a book, because reading a thrilling book keeps you up and entertains you. You are also invited to leave your books - no matter in which language - to scale up the library. Please do not forget to bring back the books you have on loan - other users will be grateful. 

BESSY II User Coffee
Most of you have already joined our BESSY II User Coffee, every two weeks on Friday afternoon at 2:30 pm at the cafeteria. We offer freshly brewed coffee and delicious pastries. The Bessy II User Coffee is a platform to meet other users, colleagues from the HZB units (i.e. accelerators, instrumentation, sample environment and more) or the members of the HZB User Coordination Team. If you want to share your latest results you are invited to give a short presentation. On the other hand we want to use these brief lectures from time to time to present new progresses and developments at BESSY II you are probably interested in.

Visits to the experimental hall at BESSY II
To get to know our BESSY II users in person and to introduce ourselves face-to-face we will visit you at the beamline about once a week. We are interested in your science and we want to know if you have any problems. Maybe sometimes we can solve them immediately and make your time at BESSY much more pleasant.

Beamtime Feedbacks
We would like to thank you for your beamtime feedbacks. We are very delighted about the large amount of positive feedbacks. Of course sometimes we are faced with negative feedbacks but these statements are even more important. They help us to improve our service and support. We promise to read each feedback very carefully. In case of a poor evaluation we will contact you as soon as possible to find out more details and how we can improve next time. We want to apologize if we do not meet the high expectations which you expect from us but a few matters are not within our area of responsibility.

We hope you have a great and successful beamtime, gain some new scientific insights and you are satisfied with the user support at our research facilities BER II and BESSY II. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to your next visit.

Your HZB User Coordination Team

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