Latest News about the Microscopy CoreLab CCMS: Customer Demonstration and Workshop Announcement

Zeiss Orion NanoFab microscope at the HZB CoreLab CCMS (Photo: HZB).

Zeiss Orion NanoFab microscope at the HZB CoreLab CCMS (Photo: HZB).

HZB is equipped with the latest scanning electron and ion microscopes made by ZEISS and has been a member of the ZEISS labs@location partner program since 2015. ZEISS uses this program to cooperate with proven expert researchers to share experience and give interested people access to its microscopes. Now the first test customer demonstration has been given at the HZB.

The customer for the two-day demo held was Prof. Etheresia Pretorius, director of the Applied Morphology Research Centre (AMRC) in Pretoria/South Africa. She used the ion microscope ZEISS ORION NanoFab at HZB to examine ultrastructures inside red blood cells. This 3-in-1 multibeam ion microscope uses ion beams produced with neon and helium to resolve fine structures that are less than ten nanometers in size. Mr. Soné Ungerer, ZEISS Area Manager for South Africa, praised the perfect cooperation between the ZEISS team and the labs@location partners at HZB.

CoreLab Correlative Microscopy and Spectroscopy (CCMS)

The ZEISS microscopes at HZB are not only available to test customers; they are used above all to help the researchers at HZB in the development of novel energy materials. The ZEISS Crossbeam 340, ZEISS MERLIN and ZEISS ORION NanoFab microscopes allow researchers to process and image materials on a nano scale using the most advanced techniques to date. The microscopes are housed together in Wannsee at the CoreLab “Correlative Microscopy and Spectroscopy”, CCMS.

CoreLabs: A new multi-user-platformat at HZB

CoreLabs provide state-of-the-art laboratories and unique equipment and will serve the wider scientific community by offering srevices and user access to extrenal academic and industrial partners. HZB will maintain a central web-based access point that informs the users of the capabilities and possibilities offered by the CoreLabs.

Workshop: FIBiB2017 Focused Ion Beams in Berlin, November 6-7, 2017

FIBiB2017 is dedicated to focused ion beam based technologies for applications in sample preparation, sample investigation and nanopatterning. The workshop will gather scientists and technicians for mutual exchange of knowledge and will provide a platform for those interested in FIB technologies without previous expertise.

Main topics

  • Nanopatterning – approaching the sub-10 nm scale
  • Novel approaches in sample preparation and investigation (TEM lamellas, tomography, 3D EBSD etc.)

Important dates

Abstract Deadline: June 15th

Abstract Notification: July 15th

Registration Deadline: August 31st

The number of oral contributions and posters is restricted each to 15 for an available number of around 45 places for all participants. Please register in time.

More Information

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