Innovations for our chemistry lab users: new access rules, better equipment and more support

In regards to our last newsletter we expressed our gratitude for the large amount of beamtime feedbacks. We have promised to respond to your points of criticism to improve our service and support and we are very glad to inform you that we started our first implementation and brought our user chemistry lab up-to-date.

From now on we have two new staff members who are responsible for this laboratory: Anna-Marie Runge and Beatrix-Kamelia Seidlhofer. We made some efforts for a better equipment to make your work in our user lab safer and more comfortable.

If you want to use the chemistry lab during your next beamtime at BESSY II we would like to ask you to contact our safety representative Beatrix-Kamelia Seidlhofer or our new chemical-technical assistant Anna-Marie Runge in timely manner before your arrival. Both will be glad to support you with your experiments.

Registration form

We have prepared a registration form for our chemistry lab and would like to ask you to fill in details on your experiment, your arrival dates etc. Based on this information, we are able to arrange an individual lab safety instruction and prepare safety precautions in time. Your lab access will be valid for one year and has to be refreshed after expiration. During normal office hours Anna-Marie Runge or Beatrix-Kamelia Seidlhofer will hand over a key card to you. Out of opening hours or on weekends the key card will be handed out by the "Hallendienst".


We stocked the basic laboratory equipment with lab coats, eye protection, gloves (nitrile and butyl), glassware, tweezers and spatulas, a fine analytical balance, several waste bins and much more. Please contact Anna-Marie Runge if you need something.

For more information, please take a look at the chemistry lab webpage.