Accelerator research and development

Here you can read up on the progress of our future projects BESSY-VSR – the upgrading of BESSY into a variablepulse-length storage ring – and bERLinPro – the prototype of an energy recovery linear accelerator. Both projects are aimed at securing HZB’s future as a unique location for photon-based research. This triad of in-house research is reflected in the close connection between energy materials research and the use and evolution of the photon source BESSY II.

BESSY II gets second lane

Second path

The particle accelerator team at HZB can now operate the synchrotron radiation source with two simultaneous electron paths. Packets of electrons can travel along it and emit intense light pulses at the experiment stations. HZB is the first to enter this new territory and at the same time has reached another milestone in its BESSY-VSR project.