Share and synchronize your data with HZB ownCloud safely

A service with ownCloud

With the storage service HZB ownCloud the central information technology department at HZB offers you a location-independent storage area for your data.

OwnCloud synchronizes data such as files, music and photos on multiple devices (PCs, smartphones). In his web application a PDF reader and a photo viewer is integrated. The built-in editor allows you to edit text files together with others. OwnCloud is a secure open-source alternative to popular cloud storage services like Dropbox.

The HZB ownCloud is always accessible with

This is our web page with further infomation about installation and usage.

Advantages over other services

  • Your data will be stored on the servers at the HZB site
  • The data transfer is always encrypted and protected against disclosure (perfect forward secrecy)
  • 50 GB available disk space (more on request)


The HZB OwnCloud may do very well

  • Data storage and data synchronization
  • Comfortable and safe sharing of files and folders (with external persons without HZB ID also)
  • Music playback and video/picture viewer in the browser or smartphone client (Flash based)
  • Export of all stored files of an user into one zip-file

The goupware funktions are not supported by ownCloud, Inc. Please use the HZB Exchange server for these purposes.