Wireless LAN (WLAN/WiFi) with eduroam and HZB-Guest at HZB

Wireless LAN (WLAN or WiFi) is available at every location of the HZB.  There are two options:

eduroam - WLAN/WiFi for all persons with IDs of the federation

eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is the roaming infrastructure of the international education and research community.

With eduroam, you get access to the wireless computer network (WLAN) at over two thousand research and education sites in the world and HZB. Once the wireless is set up in HZB and you haved logged in, you are registered with all facilities in the federation!

eduroam works with your HZB ID with internal password or any identification of an eduroam federation member and a wireless-enabled device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) with the support of the connection establishment with WPA2/Enterprise (802.1X).

On this Map you can find the participating institutions in Germany.


  1. Connect your device to the WLAN named eduroam.
    In case you need it:
    eduroam uses WPA2 encryption mode Enterprise/802.1x.
  2. If required (IOS, Windows 7/8/8.1/10), accept the certificate of our server radius.helmholtz-berlin.de which is trusted with the root certificate Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2.
    The corresponding root certificate of Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2 may be installed or assigned, too. You´ll find it here. For iOS please use Safari to import it as an additional "profile".
  3. At the login screen enter your HZB ID (here called xyz) combined with the so-called realm in the form
    or xyz@h14n.de
    your internal HZB password.


The Wi-Fi access points in HZB with eduroam are rapidly expanding. If you wish access in your area, please let us know.

Take the location range generously, please just try it!

On the WISTA site in Adlershof eduroam is available at  the buildings 12.5, 12.8, 13.10, 14.51, 19.5 and in the buildings of the Humboldt University. Due to its high range it is available in parts of building 13.7 and even better outside this building.


  • Once set up - always used: Please try eduroam WLAN at the HZB first. At HZB it is much easier to get help for it.
  • Always use your HZB ID with the attached realm. With the three letters alone it won´t work outside of the HZB.
  • Windows Mobile 7/8, Android and Apple iOS: Use the built-in wireless setup and once you accept the certificate of our radius server.
  • Windows 7/8: Do not use the predefined login method with the domain name, it does not work.
  • Linux: Use the Network Manager in KDE or Gnome.
  • MacOS X: use Control Panel / Network.

Guests from members of the eduroam federation have to provide the identification of their home institution fully with its associated realm (eg albert.einstein@hu-berlin.de).

All usable Wi-Fi access points are named eduroam. Many types of your equipment will remember your credentials and try to connect automatically, if they find another wireless eduroam access point everywhere.

WLAN with SSID HZB-Guest for short-term guests without HZB ID

At the locations with Wi-Fi network eduroam (see above), there is also an unencrypted network with the SSID HZB-Guest available. It offers WLAN for guests without an eduroam ID, e.g. for access during events. To register please use a web browser with the address

On devices with iOS or Windows Phone and many other devices a login window will open automatically. If your system does not open a login window, please invoke a web browser with this address.

Identifiers for HZB Guest may be created by any HZB employee with his web password online using the wireless ID application form. The output is logged. These IDs  are valid for three days max. and can be used simultaneously by multiple users. The producer of the ID is responsible for all actions with these identifiers.