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The Blog http://science.hzbblog.de is a place, where we mention nice papers of HZB scientists, too specialized for the mass media, but really interesting for colleagues and experts. We also might link to relevant articles in science journals and we would be glad if you want to contribute to this blog.

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  • 18. 01 2019

    Lab report: How to write a winning grant proposal

    Adopting the reader?s perspective might help to set your proposal into a broader context and suggest relevant potential impact Some weeks ago, EU expert Seán McCarthy gave a workshop at HZB entitled ?How to Write a Competitive Proposal for Horizon 2020?. The lecture hall was packed with scientists waiting for instructions and McCarthy delivered plenty. ?The secret is understanding the evaluation process?, McCarthy pointed out. In other words: Put yourself into the shoes of the evaluators who will read your proposal and make the decisions. Peer reviewers want facts at a glance, details by further reading Scientific experts who may not be native English speakersRead More →Der Beitrag Lab [...].
  • 05. 11 2018

    PhD students at HZB: Friends for Life

    At HZB about 150 young scientists are working on their doctoral dissertation. 81 come from abroad to Berlin to do their PhD in the HZB labs in Wannsee or Adlershof. The PhD students at HZB have organized themselves: twice a month, they invite to an informal get-together, they plan workshops and an annual PhD retreat in a country hotel in Brandenburg. This is actively supported by the management. I recently asked Daniel Meza, one of eight current doctoral student representatives about their activities. Daniel, why do you work as a representative in the PhD students organization ? Daniel: Maybe it’s a bit romantic, but forRead More →Der Beitrag PhD students at HZB: Friends for Life [...].
  • 01. 11 2018

    Users at BESSY II: Nafion, the talented membrane for fuel cells and 4D-printing

    Thermoplastic ionomer materials such as Nafion do have many talents: they can be used as membranes for proton exchange in fuel cells, but they have also attracted attention as shape memory materials: Via external stimuli such as heat or an electric field, it is possible to trigger a change in shapes. Applications in textiles, biomedicine, aerospace, sensors and coatings are possible. Nafion: a membrane with shape memory Nafion is one of those materials: as a membrane in a fuel cell, its high proton conductivity allows a fast pass of hydrogen ions (protons). And its internal shape plays a crucial role. Now a team from Brazil hasRead More →Der Beitrag Users at BESSY II: Nafion, the [...].