New Council of the Postdoc Association

The Postdoc Initiative at HZB has four new members in its council: Up until September 2017, Anna Manzoni and Klaus Jäger (both co-chairs) and Sean Berglund and Rowan MacQueen will be the main go-to contacts for all postdocs. They are researching into diverse fields at HZB, and bring international experience with them. Anna Manzoni works at the Institute of Applied Materials. Sean Berglund from America researches at the Institute for Solar Fuels, while Rowan MacQueen from Australia arrived at the Institute for Nanospectroscopy in May 2016. Klaus Jäger has worked in the Young Investigator Group “Nano-SIPPE” since the beginning of 2015.

The Association members have made it their mission to promote networking among postdocs and to bring them together for social, academic and professional activities. “We also want to network more strongly with postdoc initiatives from the other Helmholtz centres,” says Klaus Jäger. The new Association furthermore wants to cooperate more closely with the Personnel department, to examine advanced education opportunities that would be suitable for the personal and professional advancement of postdocs. The initiative also wants to revive popular events such as the “Postdoc Round Table” and seminars such as “Life after Postdoc”.


You are most welcome to join the Postdoc Association. Simply contact the members of the Postdoc Association or subscribe by sending an email to the HZB-PA mailing list, at, with the following two lines in the text field: SUBscribe HZB-PA / END


Arian Klose, apprentice “Business Administrator for Office Management”

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