Bright Spot - Lichtblick - selected articles

Our newspaper “lichtblick” appears only in German, but from now on we will offer some articles in English -  and we will continually adding more.

“The photon is our strength”

Since the 1st of May 2017, Bernd Rech has been the acting Scientific Director of HZB. »lichtblick« spoke with him about his most important duties, the strengths of HZB, and surprises the job held in store. more

Rethinking the website

The Communication department will be revamping the HZB website. The agency Goldland from Berlin is supporting HZB in this endeavour, adding its own insights from an outside perspective. “lichtblick” asked the CEO of GOLDLAND, Hans Florian Müller-Hermelink, and our online expert at HZB, Kerstin Berthold, what the most important steps will be from here. more

“We have to talk about organisational culture”

Jennifer Schevardo has headed the “Strategic Personnel Development” workgroup since May 2017. An important goal is to support the HZB employees in their professional development. “lichtblick” spoke with her about internal talent management and why it is necessary to work on the entire organisational culture.  more

Canteen in Wannsee goes green and sustainable

The HZB canteen in Wannsee is setting a good example for environmental protection. Starting this autumn, all cleaning will be done with eco cleaning products and, from now on, instead of paper cups, coffee to go will only be served in reusable cups. more

Photovoltaics: The underestimated technology

According to new studies, solar power could become the pillar of our global power supply. This is a conclusion that is sure to liven up the political discussions: the percentage of photovoltaics in our global power production is growing much faster than anticipated in previous forecasts. more

ORCiD – unique identifier for researchers

Godfridus Guilielmus Leibnizius, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Gotfrid Vil’gel’m Leibnits. Three variant names, one person. Or: the researcher from Taiwan whose writing in Roman script is inconsistent; the colleague in the USA who has the exact same name; one’s own paper appearing in a Russian journal; or the postdoc who took the name of his wife. Those familiar with these kinds of situations know how difficult it can be to trace back papers, research data and activities to the originating researcher. more

Commuting between Nobel Committee and HZB

Professor Nils Mårtensson: “I am very impressed by the open and friendly atmosphere at HZB. Users can always feel welcome at BESSY.” This praise of HZB comes from none other than Nils Mårtensson, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and chairman of the Nobel Committee for Physics. more

HZB has become more diverse and more international

Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla is leaving HZB and in May 2017 will become the President of the Technische Universität Braunschweig. lichtblick spoke with the long-standing Scientific Director about the development of HZB, and asked what parting advice she can give the Centre. more

A change of perspective helps to solve problems

The Information Technology department of HZB comprises four divisions with 55 employees who are responsible for maintaining hardware, software and the network, providing IT support to HZB’s research institutes and administration, making strategic advancements in information technology, and so on, and so on. more

The code of science has clear rules

Society trusts science to deliver verifiable findings that provide a sound basis on which others can build and make decisions. Even if the pressure to publish is sometimes great: rigour and care always come before haste. Cherry-picking, adulterating data or plagiarising others’ results violate the rules of good scientific practice and ruin the credibility of science. It is also a breach of conduct to add a renowned name to the list of authors or to allow honorary authorships (e.g. institute directors) by those who were only marginally involved in the work in question. mehr

The word processor with a difference

The LaTeX document preparation system is in widespread use throughout the scientific community. Now HZB has a new web application for creating and collaboratively editing LaTeX documents. more

New Council of the Postdoc Association

The Postdoc Initiative at HZB has four new members in its council: Up until September 2017, Anna Manzoni and Klaus Jäger (both co-chairs) and Sean Berglund and Rowan MacQueen will be the main go-to contacts for all postdocs. They are researching into diverse fields at HZB, and bring international experience with them.  more