Postdoc Association HZB

Introduction to the HZB-PA

The postdoc association at HZB is all about bringing postdocs together on a social as well as on an academic level. We aim to achieve this by organizing seminars and social events, and offering soft skill courses. The agenda for up-coming events can be found in the right panel. If you have an idea how the HZB-PA can help you with your scientific career, personal development, and social contacts then feel free to contact us!

Regular meetings

Postdoc After Work Drinks: Joining this monthly social event is a great chance to meet, chat with, commiserate or congratulate (science can be fickle) fellow HZB postdocs over some nice drinks and food. We organise our Stammtisch (regular table) on a monthly basis where we meet for food or for suggested fun activities, usually somewhere between Wannsee and Adlershof. Exact time and place will be sent to you via our mailing list. We always appreciate it if you let us know that you are joining by sending our council ( an email.

Postdoc coffee: Also on a monthly basis and often on a Thursday we meet around 3:30 PM at the canteen (Wannsee) or a determined place at the Adlershof campus for Coffee or in the Summer for some Tisch-Tennis and Coffee. 

Please don't hesitate to Subscribe to our mailing list using the instructions over there ----->



German Language Courses

German language courses (From A1 to B2): Re-registeration for the German Language courses are to take place from December to January. If you are interested, we recommend you to contact Andrea Gibhardt or visit here to find out more. 

These courses are important to the development of HZB Employees, and attendance must be taken seriously. If you have just started it is possible to find a class who are at the same level as you.

Please be patient since class semesters tend to run on a 6 monthly basis, and it is necessary to wait for enough beginners to start a new A1 class. 

The Courses are run by an external Language School called Lingua Franca (, who organise the classes, and teachers. Our main point of contact from Lingua Franca is Sabrina Bergmann (




Past events:

Summer BBQ on August 30th 2018 - Although we picked the only day in the week and possibly in this Summer, when it rained so heavily, the Postdoc Association BBQ was a success and alot of fun, food and good conversation. Over 20 Postdocs attended and thank you to all that came to the presentation by Jennifer Schevardo, where she has introduced the new Postdoc Careers Office. 





Enjoying a Delicious Feta Cheese Burger


The HZB-PA council

The HZB-PA is governed by a council consisting of two co-chairs and regular members. The positions of co-chairs are filled by Zita Hüsges and Rowan Macqueen. Sean Berglund, Joachim Breternitz and Ana Sofia Freire Anselmo are our regular members and Ibbi Ahmet is our events organiser.

For question about and suggestions how the HZB-PA can help you, with with your scientific career, personal development, and social contacts, then feel free to contact us at


Co-Chair (Adlershof)

Dr. Florian Mathies
Dr. Florian Mathies

Representative of the PA at the WTR

Dr. Joachim Breternitz Tel (030) 8062-42205 mail E-Mail Visitenkarte Visitenkarte