HEIBRiDS – Helmholtz Einstein International Berlin Research School in Data Science

Doctoral Program in Data Science

Established in 2018, HEIBRiDS is a doctoral research school in Data Science.  In cooperation between 6 Helmholtz-Centers (AWI, DESY, DLR, GfZ, HZB and MDC) located in and around Berlin and the Einstein Center for Digital Future (ECDF) involving the Berlin univerisities Charité, FU, HU, TU, and UdK, HEIBRiDS benefits from interdisciplinary projects, joint supervision and mentorship from excellent researchers.

HEIBRiDS focuses on data science from medicine and geo-sciences to information technology and engineering and provides an internationally highly recognized and vivid research environment within these research areas combined with the supervision by an interdisciplinary team and a rich lecture program.

 Data Science with emphasis on

  • Imaging
  • Machine Learning
  • Modelling
  • Novel Hardware Concepts
  • Sequencing
  • Visualization

HEIBRiDS PhD topics are interdisciplinary and co-mentored by a team of two professors – one from a Helmholtz Center and one from an ECDF partner university. The HZB joins in with nine projects:

- Machine Learning meets Theoretical Chemistry: Data-driven Analysis of Grapheneoxide - HZB / HU
- Array of tunable single photon emitters for photonic reservoir computing and quantum computing - HZB / TU
- Optimizing nanotextured solar cells for realistic weather conditions - HZB / FU
- Automated recognition of pathogenic cellular organization from X-ray microscopy - HZB / FU
- Simulation and Machine Learning of Sulfur Phase Behavior and Molecular Assembly Landscapes in electrochecmical LiS-based energy storage systems - HZB / FU
- Fully automated expert processing of macromolecular diffraction data - HZB / TU
- Optimization of solar energy yield and specific load conditions considering electric buses in public transportation - FU / HZB
- Optimal design of photoelectrochemical water splitting via deep learning - TU / HZB
- Quality assessment of fragmented data in a materials properties data lake - TU / HZB

Application deadline:  Mar 3, 2018

For further information

Link: https://heibrids.mdc-berlin.de/intern/start_start_for.php