15 years of MX at BESSY II

In September 2003, the MX-beamlines at the BESSY II storage ring were officially opened and put into user operation. Now, 15 years later the beamlines cater to the needs of nearly 120 research groups from Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Israel. They have turned out to be immensely productive with nearly 3000 determined macro- molecular structures, making them the most prolific installations of their kind in Germany. The development of this success story will be highlighted by several presentations spanning the entire 15 years of operation.

Date: 7th December 2018
Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Venue: Lecture Hall, Albert-Einstein-Str. 15, 12489 Berlin-Adlershof (How to get to Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Adlershof)
Invited Speakers: Prof. Udo Heinemann (MDC)
  Prof. Gerhard Klebe (U Marburg)
  Dr. Uwe Mueller (MAX IV)
  Prof. Pavlina Rezacova (Czech Academy of Sciences)
  Dr. Martina Schaefer (Bayer)
  Prof. Pal Stenmark (U Stockholm)
  Prof. Norbert Straeter (U Leipzig)

Registration is free of charge. Registration includes workshop participation, lunch and coffee breaks only.