Programme (28th July, 2014)

Thursday, September 25

12:00 16:30Arrival, registration
16:30 16:40Manfred Weiss (HZB) - Greetings and Opening Remarks

Session 0 - New Groups

16:40 16:55Wulf Blankenfeld (HZI) - New Group at HZI Braunschweig
16:55 17:10Sutapa Chakrabarti (FUB) - A new group at FUB (Molecular mechanisms of proteins involved in mRNA degradation)

Session I - Fragment-Screening and Drug Discovery

17:10 17:30 Marie Fricke (Bayer) – Crystallographic Analysis of Fragments Binding to Serine Proteases
17:30 17:50Franziska Huschmann (HZB/Marburg) – Fragment-Screening and the Frag2Xtal-project
17:50 18:10Weijie You (Uni Bayreuth) - Structure base drug discovery for human S-adenosylmethionine synthetase 2
18:10 18:30Karine Sparta (HZB) – XDSAPP for fragment screening experiments
18:30 18:40

Heide-Marie Roth (Nanotemper) – MicroScale Thermophoresis: Interactions and beyond

18:40 18:50Clemens Schulze-Briese (Dectris) - New detectors for better science
19:00 20:00 Dinner
20:00 21:00HEC Lecture: Prof. Gerhard Klebe (Marburg) – Fragment-based Lead Discovery in Drug Development: A Challenge for Crystallographers
21:00 Discussion and Bar

Friday, September 26

Session II - Proteins, Nucleic Acids and Nucleotides

08:30 08:50Malgorzata Figiel (Warsaw) - Crystal structure of RNase H3-substrate complex reveals parallel evolution of RNA/DNA hybrid recognition
08:50 09:10Asgar-Abbas Kazrani (IIMCB Warsaw) – Crystal Structure Of 5hmC specific endonuclease PvuRts1
09:10 09:30Karine Dos Santos (FUB) - Kinetic mechanism of nucleotide binding by the Brr2 helicase
09:30 09:50Florian Grau (Uni Erlangen) - New insight into the Jumping Jack induction mechanism of the bacterial repressor YvoA
09:50 10:10Ramona Adolph (Uni Bayreuth) - A cAMP-binding universal stress protein from M. tuberculosis


Ekaterina Anedchenko (FUB) - Structural studies of Nus factor-dependent transcription antitermination
10:30 10:50Coffee break

Session III - Enzymes

10:50 11:10Maren Thomsen (Uni Greifswald) - Bacterial and plant chalcone isomerases have different folds processing the same substrate
11:10 11:30Maria Rutkiewicz-Krotewicz - Structural studies of psychrophilic aminotransferase
11:30 11:50Jan Pippel (BBZ Uni Leipzig) - Inhibition of Kallikrein 7 by the serpin vaspin
11:50 12:10Bernhard Kuhle (Uni Göttingen) - High-resolution crystal structures of GTP-bound eIF5B provide novel insight into the mechanisms of GTP-dependent conformational switching and GTP hydrolysis in translational GTPases
12:10 12:30Stefan Görlich (MLU Halle) - Structural studies of O-carbamoyltransferases
12:30 13:30Lunch
13:30 17:30Social Event

Session IV – Peptides, Proteins and Carbohydrates

17:30 17:50 Jakub Barciszewski (Poznan) - Structural basis of fructose bisphosphatase function
17:50 18:10Marco Kloos (BBZ Uni Leipzig) - Structural studies of eukaryotic 6-phosphofructokinases
18:10 18:30Ulrich Gohlke (MDC) - Thermodynamic and Structural Analysis of Carbohydrate Binding in Tailspike Proteins
18:30 18:50Sandra Hoefgen (FLI Jena) - pH-dependent conformational switch of the APP-E1 domain
18:50 19:10Anke Piechotta (MLU Halle) - pyroglutamate amyloid beta peptide as a therapeutic target
19:10 20:30Dinner

Session V - Company Talks

20:30 20:40 Ali Abdul-Gader (Molecular Dimensions) - Innovations in protein crystallography
20:40 20:50Mark Benson (Rigaku) – Whats new from Rigaku
20:50 21:00Martin Fisher (Formulatrix) - SONICC
21:00 21:10Eric Hovestreydt (Bruker AXS GmbH) - Recent advances in instrumentation for in-house Macromolecular Crystallography
21:10 21:20Andy Zöllner (Dunn Labortechnik) – The new “Scorpion” high-speed dispenser from Art Robbins Instruments for the preparation and reformatting of screening kits for crystallographic applications

Saturday, September 27

Session VI - Binding Proteins of all sorts

08:30 08:50Bilal Qureshi (Charite) - Mechanistic insights into dissociation of membrane-associated proteins by Prenyl binding protein (PrB) revealed by structural and functional characterization
08:50 09:10Pooja Sadana (HZI) - Structural and functional studies of Invasin-like proteins
09:10 09:30Eduardo Henrique Saviano-Bezerra (MPFL, Uni Vienna) – Structural characterization and interaction studies of myopodin isoform A with Z-disc binding partners
09:30 09:50Valeria Stefania (MPFL, Uni Vienna) - Structural studies of human alpha-actinin isoform 2 in complex with Z-disk protein partners
09:50 10:10Pawel Strzelczyk (Uni Lodz) - Structural investigation of avidin complexes with metallocene biotin derivatives
10:10 10:30Coffee break

Session VII - Miscalleneous

10:30 10:50Jan Stransky (IMC/IBT Prague) - De novo phased protein structure: school of life
10:50 11:10 Karin Schmidt (Uni Erlangen) - Design of an allosterically controlled drug delivery shuttle
11:10 11:30 Marcel Tauchert (Uni Göttingen) - Does the crystallization condition affect the global conformation of Importin?
11:30 11:50Andrea Schmidt (Charite) - Phytochrome - towards full-length structure
11:50 12:10 Jacqueline Kalms (Charite) - New observations into channels and pathways of an O2-tolerant [NiFe] hydrogenase
12:10 12:30Tobias Bock (HZI) - Structural investigation of alternative myxobacterial isovaleryl biosynthesis
12:30 13:00 HEC-prize, HEC 18 and Concluding remarks
13:00 14:00Lunch