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Poster Information

Your poster abstract has been accepted for a poster presentation? Congratulations!!!

On this page we would like to help you prepare and improve your poster presentation.

As virtual poster exhibition are quite different than physical ones, we have optimized the poster template to adapt to the screen view. We understand this is challenging.

Please take time to think about your contents!

Poster Prizes

2 POSTER PRIZES will be awarded during the closing ceremony on 8th April for

  • Best scientific content
  • Best overall poster presentation

The evaluation will consist of 50% from the programme committee and 50% from the audience voting. The IWXM 2022 organization team wish you good luck!

Please plan to be online on 8th April afternoon (exact time TBC).

If your have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at iwxm-abstracts@helmholtz-berlin.de

How to prepare your poster

• Format of the posters: One main slide, 16:9 landscape/horizontal, font size >14, PDF export from PowerPoint (no video, no animation) or jpg.

• You can also add up to 3 slides with further notes. However keep in mind that your main content should fit on one slide!

• Please refer to the template here
Click here to download the PowerPoint template.

• TRY THE OTHER WAY AROUND: Imagine you are the reviewer. What would you like to see on the poster?
• LESS IS MORE: Do not copy the abstract of your paper.
• ENCOURAGE DISCUSSION around your poster


How to create your poster booth

  1. Go to the website we provided in our email "How to create your poster booth" (sent on 31st March).
    If you have not received an email by 1st April, please check if you have registered and paid the fees. If you have not yet registered, please do it NOW to access the platform!
  2. Enter the email address that you receive this email on, select "Log in", fill in your profile, and set a password. These are your credentials to enter the platform at any time.
  3. Select Event "IWXM 2022"
  4. Go to “Poster Booths” on the left menu bar
  5. Click on “Create Booth” on the top of the page
  6. In the Field “Booth Content” you can create additional content boxes (on the top right of the field)
    • In the first content box, please upload your poster slide as .jpg or .png
    • In the following fields you can enter any details or highlight, i.e. your abstract
    !!! The poster slide should appear first on your booth content.
  7. You can visualize the result by clicking on “View Booth” on the top left
  8. For guidance on filling the booth, please consult the “Bot” marked with a “?” on the bottom right of the page. There is a video and info material on how to fill your booth.
    We have also created a template poster (PS00-00 Poster Booth Template) to help you visualize the final product.
  9. By the way, you can continuously adapt your booth and see the analytics of who is visiting your page during the event
  10. Four expert tips:
    • Set a “networking table” (video room for up to 100 participants) during which you will present your poster during the poster session
    • Add your email to the booth to be immediately informed if someone is visiting your poster boot
    • Add a link to your Google Scholar profile, Research Gate and to your paper download (e.g. a Dropbox Link)