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(As of 3rd March 2022 - subject to change)

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation and consequent restrictions, the workshop will be held ONLINE only. The new event format (digital) and the large number of excellent submissions have made it possible to put together a very special programme. In order to include as many submissions as possible in the programme, the event will now take place over four days (instead of three) till Friday 8th April.

Important: All times are CEST times. Please check your local time here

Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions 01 (5th April) /03 (7th April)

Poster Sessions 01 (5th April) / 03 (7th April)

P01 Round-robin comparison and repolishing of a 3-lane ellipse X-ray mirror from the MooNpics collaboration between European light sources and X-ray optic manufacturers, Simon Alcock (Diamond Light Source)
P02 Mechanical bending of high performance x-ray mirrors, Konstantin Andrianov (Axilon)
P06 Active optics systems at the ALBA beamlines, Nahikari González (ALBA)
P08 The TPS 34 Metrology Laboratory and Bendable Mirror Measurement Long Trace Profiler Test, Ming-Ying Hsu (NSRRC)
P12 Development of an advanced LTP at the ALS: Operation and data acquisition with a two-carriage gantry system, Ian Lacey (LBNL, Advanced Light Source)
P13 Update on the grating manufacturing at HZB: high line density blazed and long aperture laminar gratings, Stephanie Lemke (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)
P14 Measurement of the first pair of high accuracy K-B mirrors of HEPS by FSP, Ming Li (HEPS)
P18 Strategies for focus and position stability based on the beamline error response matrix, Josep Nicolas (ALBA)
P20 A Fizeau interferometry stitching system to characterize X-ray mirrors with sub-nanometre errors, Morilo Bazan da Silva (Diamond Light Source)
P21 Specifications of beamline optics towards next generation light sources - contamination free and figure errors of under 50 pm, Haruhiko Ohashi (JASRI SPring-8)
P24 Reflection Zone Plates on Curved Substrates, Jürgen Probst (IAP)
P27 Optical metrology for full characterization of mirror benders, Igors Sics (ALBA)
P30 Development and the optimization of X-ray optics-on-chip for nano-focusing synchrotron beamlines, Harm van der Velde (University of Twente)
P31 Ion beam figuring of synchrotron mirrors at NSLS-II, Tianyi Wang (BNL)
P32 Recent progress on the focusing long trace profiler at HEPS/BSRF, Fugui Yang (HEPS)

Poster Sessions 02 (6th April) /04 (8th April)

Poster Sessions 02 (6th April) / 04 (8th April)
P03 Optical coherence tomography using extreme ultraviolet sources as a tool for metrology of multilayer optics, Antony Jose Arikkatt (Military University of Technology, Warsaw)
P04 Coherence diagnostics for synchrotron beamlines using the Fourier-analysis method: Enabling systematic time-resolved 2D spatial-coherence studies, Kai Bagschik (DESY)
P05 Reflection Diffractive Elements for modern physics experiments at HZB, Alexander Firsov (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)
P07 Ion Beam Figuring (IBF) of X-ray mirrors at Diamond Light Source, Matthew Hand  (Diamond Light Source)
P09 Recent developments and applications of X-ray speckle-based techniques at the Diamond Light Source, Lingfei Hu  (Diamond Light Source)
P10 The challenge of precise grating characterization using AFMs at HZB, Jeniffa Knedel (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)
P11 Wavefront measurements for high heat road optics by using Talbot interferometer with calibrated gratings, Takahisa  Koyama (JASRI SPring-8)
P15 A hybrid measurement scheme for nanometrology using soft X-rays, Leonhard Lohr (PTB)
P16 Single-shot wavefront characterisation employing ptychography at X-ray free-electron lasers, Masoud Mehrjoo (DESY)
P19 WOW, a quick wavefront propagation simulation tool for beamline design and specification, Josep Nicolas (ALBA)
P23 Latest results of pure ellipsoidal surfaces figure, Iulian Preda (Crystopt-X)
P25 Super-resolution image reconstruction for surface metrology of x-ray optics, Simon Rochester (Rochester Scientific, LLC)
P26 Design, fabrication, and testing of 2-mm-long X-ray mirrors for soft-X-ray nanofocusing, Takenori Shimamura (The University of Tokyo)
P28 Automated Design and Optimization of Transfocators, Peter Sondhauss (MAX-IV)
P29 Preparation and characterization of Mo/B4C bi- and multilayer mirrors, Michael Störmer (Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon)
P33 In-situ measurement of thermal deformations of mirrors under undulator radiation using Fizeau interferometer, Hirokatsu Yumoto (JASRI SPring-8)

Book of Abstracts

Book of Abstracts

Book of Abstracts 
As of 03.04.2022 (subject to change)