3rd International Workshop on McPhase

6.8.2013-9.8.2013 Berlin, Organized by Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin

McPhase is a software suite for calculating magnetic/orbital phase diagrams and excitations, for localized moment materials using the mean-field and random phase approximations. This will be the third workshop/school on McPhase after the success of previous workshops in Gijion, Spain and Grenoble, France.

The school will deal with fundamental and applied aspects of d and f elements. It will be organized in two main sessions: mornings are dedicated to general aspects of magnetism (exchange interactions, crystal field anisotropy, higher order interactions, ...) presented by distinguished scientists in the field, while afternoons will concentrate on the practical aspects using the McPhase software suite.

The school targets mainly PhD students and young scientists. Participants are encouraged to present their scientific work in a dedicated poster session.

The school’s language will be English.

Please note that the number of participants is limited to 20, with selection based on the date of registration.