38th Berlin School on Neutron Scattering

1st - 9th March 2018

Lise Meitner Campus / Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie


Radiation Protection Online Training

Every person who intends to work in a radiation protection area (i.e. controlled areas like the experimental halls) has to be trained in advance about radiation protection regulations at the HZB. As a participant of the neutron school you have to do two different online-trainings, 1) the general radiation protection for our site in Wannsee, and 2) a training for the reactor BERII. 

  • Please note:
    • Both online-trainings can be repeated several times!
  • Important:
    • On the starting page you will be asked to name the "Organisational unit HZB".
    • Please coose from the list "EM-IQM" (= Energy Materials-Institute Quantum Phenomena in new Materials)

Click here to start the online-trainings:

  1. Radiation protection (Wannsee)
  2. Instructions for reactor BER II

If you finish the training successfully, HZB will receive an email about it together with a certificate that you passed the training. The two certificates will be printed out at HZB and you will be asked to sign them after your arrival in Berlin.

Deadline: Please do both trainings until 10th February 2018.


The following applies only to students from German universities and institutes: 

Important: You have to bring to the school

  1. a radiation passport (Strahlenpass) and
  2. an ALBEDO dosimeter

If you do not have a Strahlenpass and ALBEDO dosimeter yet, please contact the Strahlenschutzbeauftragte of your university or institute and apply for one. 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.