Young Investigator Groups

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin offers outstanding young researchers from Germany and abroad the opportunity to form their own young investigator group. This imparts a great deal of responsibility for pursuing their own research topic and in qualification for an academic career.

The heads of the young investigator groups receive support through a tailored training and mentoring programme, among others at the Helmholtz Academy, and are assured long-term prospects at HZB. The young investigator groups also increase HZB’s networking with universities through joint appointments.

Young investigator groups can be funded through various programmes:

Name Universität HZB
Prof. Dr. Christiane Becker Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Nano -SIPPE
Prof. Dr. Kathrin Aziz-Lange Universität Bielefeld Operando Characterization of Solar Fuel Materials
Dr. Steve Albrecht   Perowskite Tandem Solar Cells
Dr. Robert Seidel Humboldt Universität zu Berlin Operando Interfacial Photochemistry
Dr. Antonio Abate   Active Materials and Interfaces for Stable Perovskite Solar Cells
Prof. Aleksandr Matveenko Humboldt Universität zu Berlin ERL simulation group
Dr. Eva Unger Lund-Universität Hybrid Materials Formation an Scaling
Dr. Matthew T. Mayer   Electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide