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Institute Applied Materials

Macrostructure analysis

Structure Determination - Synchrotron Tomography

Synchrotron Tomography images the interior structure of real objects three-dimensionally, non-destructively, and with a high spatial resolution. This allows for a detailed microstructural analysis of many different kinds of materials or small engineering components. In the following some synchrotron tomographic images of metallic foams are pictured. All images were measured at the tomographic facility of the BAMline at the BESSY II synchrotron.

Aluminium precursor

enlarged view

Tomographic image of a powder compact AlSi10Mg + 10% SiC + 0.5% TiH2 (wt-%). Blue: AlSi10Mg, cyan: SiC, red: TiH2. The sample size was 4x4 mm.

Foam sandwiches

The following pictures illustrate some clips of an aluminium foam covered with a massive material.

enlarged view

Three different views of an aluminium foam covered with unfoamed material.

Zinc foams (Zn + TiH2)

enlarged view

Tomographic image of a zinc foam (Zn + TiH2) with TiH2 > 28 µm (edge length 2x2 mm), left: short foamed, right: long foamed.