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Faceting of particles

R. Grothausmann, S. Fiechter, R. Beare, G. Lehmann, H. Kropf, G.S. Vinod Kumar, I. Manke, J. Banhart
Automated quantitative 3D analysis of faceting of particles in tomographic datasets Ultramicroscopy 122 (2012) 65-75
Elsevier, ISSN: 0002-7863 — doi: — journal linkpreprint (pdf-file)

The publication is based on the program available at the HZB and that may be used under the condition that the article given above is cited, whenever the program or parts of the program are used.

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A ParaView plugin and source code that allow easy access to the algorithm described in the Reference above is available at:


Using the ParaView GUI, it enables analysis of faceted objects that exhibit distortions in their digital representation, e.g. due to tomographic reconstruction artifacts.