Group Members of the Department of Interface Design

Head of Department
Bär, Prof. Dr. Marcus 8062 - 43824
8062 - 15640 Abteilungsleiter
Deputy Head of Department
Wilks, Dr. Regan 8062 - 42314
8062 - 15642 Scientist, Deputy Department Head
Office   Email:
Proszak, Jutta 8062 - 12998
8062 - 15074 Secretary
Staff and Guests
Felix Duarte, Dr. Roberto 8062 - 15642 PostDoc, Endstation Manager HIKE
Frisch, Dr. Johannes 8062 - 13859 Scientist (SISSY@EMIL, HI ERN)
Garcia Diez, Raul 8062 - 15642 PostDoc (Kopernikus P2X, HI ERN)
Gorgoi, Dr. Mihaela 8062 - 18037 Scientist (EMIL beamline)
Hartmann, Dr. Claudia 8062 - 15640 PostDoc (SISSY@EMIL, HI ERN)
Jimenez, Dr. Catalina Elena 8062 - 15638 Wissenschaftler (SISSY@EMIL, (User service/ BESSY Photon School organisation)
Liao, Dr. Xiaxia
Siebert, Andreas 8062 - 15642 PhD student (HI ERN)
Valenta, Donald 8062 - 42314 Doktorand (MatSEC)
Yang, Penghui 8062 - 42678 PhD student


Omotola Ogunsolo

Visiting PhD Student Florida State University

Christine Hoffman

Visiting PhD Student UC Merced

Leonard Köhler

PhD Student  

Xiaxia Liao

Visiting Scholar  Nanchang University

Núria Llobera Vila

MSc Student  

Juan Wang

Visiting PhD Student University of Tulsa

Jan-Hendrik Alsmeier

PhD Student  Bosch

Riley Brandt

Visiting PhD Student MIT Photovoltaic Research Laboratory
Sergey Smolin Visiting PhD Student Drexel University

Ahsan Ashraf

Visiting PhD Student Stony Brook University
Andreas Benkert MSc Student Universität Würzburg
Douglas Hanks Visiting PhD Student University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Kimberley Horsley Visiting PhD Student

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Dominic Gerlach PhD Student National Institute for Materials Science
Michelle Mezher Visiting PhD Student

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Xin Song MSc Student Fritz-Haber-Institut