Advanced electron spectroscopy and tomography

The Zeiss LIBRA transmission electron microscope with its in-column energy filter provides the platform for further experimental advancements of spectroscopic techniques like spectroscopic imaging of polymer  blends and heterostructures of large molecules, low loss and core loss spectroscopy. In addition, we work on quantitative and self consistent methods for reconstruction and segmentation of tomographic data sets which we apply to data e.g. obtained for morphological studies of catalyst particles on their support material.

Left:  Plasmon peak mapping from a C60 -Zn-phtalocyanine stack in cross section (top) and  ordinary bright field TEM image with the different layers marked black (Zn-pc) and white (C60)(grayscale inset). Right: 3D visualisation of Ru particles (yellow) on carbon black (gray) obtained by electron tomography.