a-Si/c-Si-hetero solar cells

Fig. 1 Structure of a (wafer-based) amorphous/crystalline heterojunction solar cell. For clarity, the usual surface texturization is omitted.

Fig. 2 AM1.5 illuminated I-V curves of the best a-Si:H/c-Si cells without (i)a-Si:H buffer layer, manufactured at HZB [2]

Fig. 3 I-V curves for solar cells similar to the ones measured in Fig. 2, but with (i)a-Si:H buffer layers between the c-Si wafer and the doped a-Si:H layers [2].

Fig. 4: Sketch of a rear contact a-Si:H/c-Si heterojunction solar cell with interdigitated contacts: Vertical cross section of the cell, and horizontal cross section through the contact layers on the cell’s rear side.