Operando Characterization of Solar Fuel Materials

The work of the team in studying functional interfaces and device structures for photo-electrochemical solar-hydrogen production with a dedicated in-situ/operando approach is contributing in research field Energy to the Energy Materials Research (EMR) program, Topic 3 “Methods and Concepts for Material Development”, subtopic “functional Materials: Development and Advanced Characterization”.This research proposal falls under the Topic “Solar Fuels”, Subtopic “Photo-electrochemical Routes”. It contributes to Task 1: Novel Complex Oxides, with the aim of broadening the spectrum of materials and developing new, chemically stable high-performance absorbers by focusing efforts on multinary, ‘complex’ oxides, oxynitrides, and sulfides consistingof two or more different metal ions and/or one or two anions. In addition, it falls under Task 2: Interfaces and Catalysts, where control over the local environment of the catalytically active metal center and its chemical oxidation state should be gained for development of efficient hydrogen and oxygen evolution catalysts. This research proposal includes development of instruments for in-situ investigations and will thus provide new, highly specialized equipment for users at BESSY II, as the instruments will not only serve the specific application proposed, but also provide research tools for (photo)-electrochemical reactions in general.