The research in the working group Structure and Dynamics of Energy Materials is devoted to the basic understanding of structure-property relations of materials for energy conversion. For structural investigations phase sensitive complementary diffraction methods using neutrons, synchrotron X-rays and conventional X-rays will be applied allowing a non-destructive analysis of the atomic structure from the sample surface up to deep within the sample volume in a unique way. The range of materials studied will cover synthetic as well as natural compounds (geomaterials).

Besides the crystallographic material laboratory we operate the Fine Resolution Powder Diffractometer (FIREPOD) at the Research Reactor BER II. Our second instrument, a fast acquisition neutron Laue diffractometer (FALCON) has recently entered the commissioning phase.

Thus we provide scientific and technical support to guests from national and international universities and research institutes, who visit HZB to use the unique opportunities of neutron diffraction for their own research.

We are currently coordinating the Helmholtz Virtual Institute “Microstructure control for thin film solar cells” in cooperation with the Institute of technology.

We are a member of the European Kesterite Network EUKENE.