Concluding workshop of the SPP1666- Registration

The meeting will take place at HZB in Berlin-Wannsee. Because of the nuclear facility there, we have to register you officially before. This means we need to collect your personal data and you need to present your domestic ID card or your passport to enter the campus. If you are citizen of a non-EU, non-OECD, and non-NATO member state, we will need to ask you for additional documents.

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We plan to start on 9 Sept. around noon and finish on 11 Sept. probably after lunch (depending on the number of participants).


Can you participate on:

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Shall we book your accommodation according to your travel dates?* Yes. No.
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Would you prefer vegetarian food? Yes. No.
Kind of presentation ~ 30 min oral presentation (one per group)
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We are negotiating with Wiley publishing company about a special issue in phys. stat. sol. b. The issue will be open access and free of charge for German goups.


Are you planning to submit an article to this issue? Yes. No.
Type of article: feature article (~10-12 pages, "topological review" type: review of your work but placed in broader context)
original article (~6 pages, with citation of your publications in the SPP)

Note that DFG funded projects are requested to report either in this issue or with a separate report to DFG. Please keep in mind that the report on the first funding period is typically contained in the application for the second funding period and does not need to be repeated.

Working title of contribution to the special issue:
Remarks to the organizers:

Alternatively, you may contact "".

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