Theory Group

Welcome to the junior research group on theoretical chemistry of the Working Group Locally-Sensitive & Time-Resolved Spectroscopy at the Helmholtz-Zentum Berlin lead by the Freigeist fellow Dr. Annika Bande since October 2014. In our research we are interested in understanding the structure and dynamics of electrons in molecules as well as nanostructured solid materials in all thinkable sourroundings as the gas phase, solutions, or in the solid phase.

AK Bande 06/2019

As we are a relatively interdisciplinary team with a broad research background we are ready to face any new challenging project and warmly welcome any new team member. We enjoy cooperation with our nearest neighbors at HZB and our scientific partners all over the globe. Our projects are funded by different agencies, are being published in leading scientific journals and are regularly presented at a number of scientific meetings. We are particularly proud of the awards that our group members have been honored with.

Beyond our research activities we are involved in several other scientific activities and we left our footprint also in various media. Most importantly we are taking on teaching responsibilities at the Free University of Berlin as giving lectures and hosting students for research projects.