Near-surface zone research activities

Microstructure and residual stress analysis: Research on matter with brilliant light sources

Flowchart of the user support provided at the 7T MPW beamlines EDDI and ASAXS.

With the 7T multipole wiggler beamlines EDDI (Energy Dispersive DIffraction) and ASAXS (Anomalous Small Angle X-ray Scattering) we operate two large scale instruments in our department, which are dedicated to answer important questions in materials sciences.
Many national and international user groups from universities, scientific institutes as well as industrial companies make use of diffraction and scattering methods that we provide at our beamlines.

Since energy-dispersive diffraction and (anoma-lous) small angle scattering experiments are very demanding concerning both, measurement and data evaluation, we provide to our users full support during their beamtime. This support comprises of assistance in planning and conducting as well as evaluating the data. At the EDDI beamline, software packages are available that allow for a comprehensive data analysis immediately following the measurement.

Thus, it is our aim to release our users after their beamtime with fully analyzed data sets and new and interesting insights into their materials and components.