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Carbon Nanomaterials

The junior research group on nanocarbons, lead by Dr. Tristan Petit, is part of the Institute for Nanospectroscopy.

Carbon nanomaterials are attracting an increasing interest for many applications, ranging from energy conversion and storage, photocatalysis, water treatment or nanomedicine. Most of these applications occur in aqueous environment, however the role of solvation on their electronic and chemical properties remains poorly understood.

In our group, we are applying spectroscopy methods available at HZB, in particular soft X-ray absorption, emission and photoemission spectroscopies as well as infrared spectroscopy and laser-based time-resolved spectroscopies, to investigate the electronic and chemical structure of carbon nanomaterials. We are developing methods to perform in situ measurements directly in liquid. Research efforts are also focusing on developing methods for in operando measurements of carbon materials for solar fuel production and electrochemical storage applications.