We are mainly interested in carbon (and hybrid) nanomaterials, including nanodiamonds, carbon dots, carbon nitrides or titanium carbides (MXene). We are applying synchrotron-based soft X-ray spectroscopies, infrared spectroscopy and laser-based time-resolved spectroscopies to probe electronic and chemical processes occuring on these materials, in particular in liquid environment.

Several topics are currently investigated in our group:

NDs microjet

Hydration induces modification of the carbon K edge XAS signature of nanodiamonds.

Spectro NDs

Spectroscopy methods used to probe water hydrogen bond network.


Carbon materials may be used to produce solar fuels in the future.


Our research is supported by third-party fundings, including:

  • Freigeist Fellowship from the Volkswagen Foundation (No. 89592, 08/2015-07/2020).
  • DIACAT (EU Horizon 2020 FET Open, Grant Agreement No. 665085, 07/2015-06/2019).
  • DAAD PhD Scholarship (10/2016-09/2019).
  • Humboldt postdoctoctoral Fellowship (06/2013-05/2015).