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Quantum magnetism, superconductivity, and orbital ordering

Quantum phenomena in novel materials: Controlling collective states

enlarged view

Orbital ordering in CaV2O4

In the framework of POF III, the department  for "Quantum phenomena in novel materials" (EM-IQM) contributes to the program "Future information technologies", topic "Controlling Collective States".

HZB Researchers are investigating collective states in condensed matter, such as quantum magnetism, superconductivity, and orbital ordering. These phenomena of spontaneous order in crystal and spin lattices, with their special properties such as quantum coherence or unusual quasiparticles, have potential for IT and energy technologies. Specific interest lies in the study of phase transitions, sometimes under extreme conditions, and new classes of materials such as quantum magnets and unconventional superconductors, in order to understand the ordering phenomena on the atomic scale. Particularly, frustrated or low-dimensional systems with weak order and high entropy promise interesting new properties. The goal of this research is to control such states and phase transitions and to harness them for future applications.

The department EM-IQM has specific expertise in single crystal sample preparation, neutron cystallography, magnetic structure determination, ineleastic neutron scattering, and in the use of high magnetic fields. Moreover, it operates two experimental stations at the synchrotron source BESSY II.