Quantum magnetism and frustrated magnets

In the following we present selected examples of recent research in the fields of quantum magnetism and frustrated magnets

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Background-subtracted inelastic neutron scattering data along (6,0,l) for BaCu2V2O8. © APS



Crystal and magnetic structure (one twin) of BaNi2V2O8 within a honeycomb plane © APS


Snapshot of the fluctuating ground state spin arrangement for one bi-triangle. © Macmillan Publishers Ltd.


 ‘All-in/all-out’ magnetic structure of Nd2Zr2O7 © APS

Magnetic excitations of spinon pairs with total pseudospin S=1 corresponding to an odd number of pseudospin-1/2 flips. © APS


Temperature versus magnetic field phase diagram of
Sr3Cr2O8. © APS


Inelastic neutron-scattering response, a color-coded map of the intensity, energy transfer (E) vs momentum transfer (Q) for Pr2Hf2O7 measured at 10 K with the incident energy Ei=136 meV. The arrows mark the position of CEF excitations in Pr2Hf2O7. © APS

Measured (a) and simulated (b) magnetic excitation
spectra perpendicular to the chain axis at 3 K © APS

Background-subtracted INS data at 5.5K showing the spinon continuum as a function of wavevector along the chain and energy. © APS

The magnetic structure of SrCo2V2O8. Thick solid green lines connect the spins within a chain along the c axis. The thin gray lines connect the spins within the ab plane.© APS

INS data compared to theory. (a) The data show the multispinon continuum lying predominantly between the upper and lower boundaries for 2-spinon processes (gray lines). (b) The dynamical structure factor computed via the algebraic Bethe ansatz. © APS