New physical properties in quantum materials on every relevant time, length, and energy scale

Quantum Phenomena in Novel Materials: Quantum condensed matter - Magnetism, superconductivity, and beyond

monopoles 01

Magnetic monopoles coupled by Dirac strings. ©AAAS

Some of the spectacular properties of solids like complex magnetic order or superconductivity are due to electronic correlations. They are characterized by various competing interactions, for example in low-dimensional materials and multiferroic nanostructures. These classes of materials may be relevant for future technologies like spintronics.

In the department "Quantum Phenomena in Novel Materials" new states in condensed matter systems like quantum magnets such as spin ice and spin chains, in unconventional superconductors, and multifunktional oxides are investigated. For this purpose, a wide range of experimental techniques is employed, such as scattering of polarized neutrons or resonant x-ray scattering. The goal of our research is to characterize new physical properties on every relevant time, length, and energy scale, and to continuously develop instruments and methods needed for this characterization.

This research is a contribution to the program "From Materials to Matter and Life" (MML), topic "In-house Research on the Structure, Dynamics, and Function of Matter".