Flat-Cone Diffractometer (E2)

With the Next Generation of the Flat-Cone Diffractometer E2 at the research reactor BER II we now provide a thermal neutron single-crystal diffractometer for 3D reciprocal space mapping by using four delay-line area detectors (300 x 300 mm2). Alternatively it is suitable for powder measurements with medium resolution and broad 2Theta scattering range.

The detector shielding is optimized for the best signal-to-background ratio.

The combination of the “off-plane bragg-scattering” by using the two-dimensional detector information and the flat-cone geometry enable us to access a large part of the 3-dimensional reciprocal space.  The low peak-to-background ratio was the precondition for optimizing the instrument for investigations on broad diffuse scattering and low intensity super lattice scattering patterns in single crystals. The new computer system handles huge datasets and stores all information in one independent NeXus file format for each measurement. The software package TVneXus deals with the raw data sets, the transformed physical spaces and the usual data analysis tools (e.g. MatLab). TVneXus can convert to various data sets e.g. into powder diffractograms, linear detector projections, rotation crystal pictures or into the 2D/3D reciprocal space.

Prepare a Proposal

We looking forward to receiving an experiment proposal. If you plan an experiment on E2, please take a look on the Planning an Experiment Web-Pages and send your experiment proposal to the user office.

Please download the PDF Flyer .