Neutron and synchrotron instruments

Reflecting our main research interests in magnetism, our Institute "Quantum Phenomena in Novel Materials" operates the E2, E4, and E5 neutron diffractometers at the BER II reactor, as well as two experimental stations at the synchrotron beamline UE46_PGM-1 at BESSY II.

Instruments at BER II

InstrumentInstrument Scientists
E2Flat-Cone Diffractometer Jens-Uwe Hoffmann
Manfred Reehuis
Fabiano Yokaichiya
E42-Axis-Diffractometer Karel Prokes
Fabiano Yokaichiya
E54-Circle Diffractometer Manfred Reehuis

Instruments at BESSY II

UE46_PGM-1UE46_PGM-1Eugen Weschke
Enrico Schierle
High-Field DiffractometerEndstation for Dichroic Soft X-ray Absorption and Scattering Experiments in High Magnetic FieldsEugen Weschke
Enrico Schierle
XUV DiffractometerXUV Diffractometer for Resonant Soft X-Ray ScatteringEugen Weschke
Enrico Schierle

E2 is a flat-cone diffractometer, specialised on the measurement of weak Bragg reflections or diffuse scattering on single crystals.

E4 is a two-axis diffractometer which is mainly used for determining magnetically ordered structures of single crystals under extreme conditions like high magnetic field or high pressure.

E5 is a four-circle diffractometer which allows detailed investigation of crystal and magnetic structures from single crystal samples, recent examples include the spin structures of YTiO3 and alpha-CaCr2O4

UE46_PGM-1 is a beamline for resonant magnetic scattering and circular dichroism in the soft-x-ray regime. Here, we operate two experimental stations: the high-field and XUV diffractometers.